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An Unhurried Life

This is a book I was told about several years ago and it sat on my shelf.  I regret having not hurried to read this book way back then as it may have added a few years to my life that has been shaved off scurrying from busy task to busy task. Hurry and read this book, NOW.

Crash The Chatterbox

Love him or not Steve Furtick, Pastor of the largest church in N.C. has put together an insightful book to help to manage the range of thoughts that roll in and out of our heads. His honesty is seldom heard from prominent leaders hiding their struggles.

Jason Clark is a personal friend and has been a tremendous influence on my life.  He is a promoter of the positive, coining a line I carry with me to get through those tough moments, ‘I don’t know, but God is Good!’.  His two newer books are life-changers worth every penny.


The story of Maurice Clarett is one dear to my heart being a huge Buckeye fan and also attending what I considered the greatest football game ever played.  It was the 2003 double-overtime win by Ohio State over Miami.  The game-winning touchdown was scored by Clarett and we had the happenstance situation of meeting him on our flight back from the Fiesta Bowl in Phoenix. Little did we know at that time that it was his last game played as bad decisions forced him out of football and sadly in prison.  But through the Grace of God his life was turned around and now he has had a huge influence in guiding athletes and others.

Father: A Look Into The Heart Of God

This is an older book written in 2004.  It is a compilation of teachings from legendary Gerri Keller who truly understands the Father-Son/Daughter relationship with God and helps separate the limitations of our earthly father figure relationship letdowns in comparison with that of God.

Her books have been instrumental in helping friends and family. All her books provide insight to having a healthy brain wiping out toxic thoughts that lead to sickness.

Bill Johnson is a 5th generation leader of Bethel Ministries in northern California with worldwide influence.  While considered controversial by some, his knowledge and experiential applications of Biblical truths should not be ignored.  I have read several of his books after being told by some NOT to.  Biggest mistake of my life was heeding the NOT TO advice which left me boxed in by ‘doctrine’ that stifles the Spirit that God provided to us as a helper in a spiritual world.  I highly recommend Hosting the Presence (especially chapter 9 on the peace of God)  as a first start as well as any others that he has authored.

Average Joe

Average Joe

Tired of losing the inner battle that worry and anxiety wages inside your heart and mind? I am too!  This Average Joe admits worry is a DAILY battle.    Some of us are born with anxiety DNA. Are you ready to defeat it?   Avg Joe’s Portico is a place where we Worriers learn to become Warriors!  Life can be a Pressure cooker,  how would you like to uncork the steam and turn it into positive power? MORE ABOUT JOE...


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