One Fragrance, Two Smells

After my wife became a vegetarian, we have had some awesome healthy meals (side dishes for me).  The other day she made a fantastic organic pasta dish that smelled like heaven.  As I was salivating over the stove, my 19-year-old son walked in the room holding his nose.  He loudly exclaimed, what is that horrible smell?   I could not believe the same fragrance produced two very different smells.  It brought to mind the opposite reactions I received from varying people to the announcement of my early semi-retirement, One Fragrance, Two Smells.

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Under The Holiday Pressure

under-the-pressure-1Feeling Under the Holiday Pressure? Pressure handling is a trait some take pride in, have you ever heard yourself say ‘the more stress, the better I perform?’.  I like to say ‘that’s me’.   The other day I found myself stuck in bed, so filled with anxiety from demands from other people, I just wanted to pull the covers over my head and stay there the rest of the day.  I was frozen stiff with stress oozing from every pore.  Demands for our time and money are a constant.   At what point do we say, ENOUGH! Continue reading “Under The Holiday Pressure”

Thank You Note Writers

ty-cardsThank you is such a simple statement but it means so much in many ways.  Yet today’s culture seems to have forgotten how to express those two very important words.

Perhaps it is social media; after receiving 64 Happy Birthday’s who wants to write a single thank you note for all of them?   Instead we write one post and say: ‘Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes’.    Perhaps it is because stamps are too expensive and a box of cards breaks the budget.   Or, some argue that the digital age has sequestered people so much that they have forgotten how to communicate.  Or perhaps, no one has taught, what I will cautiously call the younger generation, just how important the words, THANK YOU,  really are! Continue reading “Thank You Note Writers”

Ask and you will receive. Don’t and you won’t.

Ask and you will receive, don’t and you won’t!   We all hate bills and there is nothing worse than a monthly bill that includes a letter with excuses explaining why they are increasing fees.    Ever wish you could erase those increases?   Ask, and you will receive.

We all love to hear the word yes to our requests.  This past week I heard yes from two places where I am the customer and they sent the letter stating I WILL be paying more for their services.  My initial thoughts were, this stinks, every time I turn around somebody is taking more out of my wallet.  There is nothing I can do about it. Continue reading “Ask and you will receive. Don’t and you won’t.”

Separated and panicked in Atlantis, Left Behind

policenassauI couldn’t decide whether I should cry, freak out, remain calm, or just laugh. Not a penny on us to pay for this cab fare, caught in traffic and wondering if my wife and daughter have decided to wait or head to the cruise ship with our passport, boat pass, and everything else. Ahhhhh!

This is part III of this story.  For the full story first Read Lost in Atlantis  and Lost, separated and panicked in Atlantis if you have not done so prior to this.

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Stepping out, not easy, but way worth it all.

D&B Workshop Jan 10_2016One of the benefits of having your own blog page, is you can do with it is as you please.    But, when you are on your own, it is sure hard to find time to reach those lofty goals you have in mind.  Stepping out is not easy.  It is better than sitting and doing nothing, watching those you care for struggle, and then complain nobody is doing anything to help.
It’s been a week since my last post, so today I thought I would give a quick explanation of where the time has gone.
I know most of the starting followers of my page are not local, but I thought I’d post the ad for my first ever live seminar coming up at my local church.   Talk is cheap, so this is a scary action step for me to put it out there, but I know there are many in need and my hope is it helps those who attend now and in the future.  If you have read any of my previous blog posts, you know the topics surround fighting fear – this is scary, and dueling doubt – why am I doing this, people will think it is dumb.  Those type of thoughts have been in this head for many years.    I finally decided, who cares what other people think, my goal is to help people who need it.  It is in an area many don’t want to hear about, so that makes it even more of a, why are you doing this fight in the brain.   I have to keep telling myself, just shut those thoughts out, and do it.

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Does Loyalty Pay Pt. 5 – Using your loyalty to get out of rate increases and renewal fees.

Stop FeesDid you know there are ways to get out of those costly annual renewal fees and some rate increases?

Many years ago I was fuming over the latest cable bill increase and decided to call and see if I could negotiate a decrease. I mused after being on hold for the usual 30 minutes when the broken English speaking helper started the speech, Continue reading “Does Loyalty Pay Pt. 5 – Using your loyalty to get out of rate increases and renewal fees.”

Supporting Family Run Businesses – Does Loyalty Pay Pt. 3

The concept of supporting family run businesses has disappeared as society has become blind to real people being behind our mobile devices.   Business closings have surpassed start-ups(click to read)which should be a major concern since small businesses have long been the backbone of a strong economy.

As loyalty to local businesses has declined, so has the sense of community. Disappearing is the uniqueness and creativity we have ingrained in our spirit.  How do we bring that back? Continue reading “Supporting Family Run Businesses – Does Loyalty Pay Pt. 3”

Does Loyalty pay? Pt 2 – Be aware of the hooks.

The average individual belongs to 23 loyalty rewards programs. That puts me way above the Average Joe since I have at least 62 bookmarks  to various frequent use programs. It does not count the grocery and pharmacy chains that require a card just to buy sale priced item on the shelf.   Am I a sucker for participating in these schemes? Continue reading “Does Loyalty pay? Pt 2 – Be aware of the hooks.”

Why Didn’t Somebody Tell Me That?

Wisdom is shouting to us everywhere and the amount of information available  is growing so fast that knowledge that used to take 100 years to duplicate currently is doubling every 13 months.  At the present pace because of the ‘Internet of Things’ increasing rapidly, it is predicted to decrease to a mind boggling every 12 hours.  (“Knowledge is Increasing”)    Despite all the advances of technology, is it really making people smarter? Continue reading “Why Didn’t Somebody Tell Me That?”