Healthy Mind, Body and Brain – Peace Finding

Dr Caroline Leaf – Author of Switch on your Brain – Info on thought management

Calm Clinic – Medically solid information on Worry and Anxiety Disorders

How to Prevent and/or deal with a Panic Attack

Facts and Statistics on Anxiety and Depression

Quint Careers – Job/Business Management – Coping with Stress – Great tools for Resume Building

Family Growth

Building Family Faith – Scott and Lori Clifton, Family-School Enhancers

Focus on The Family – Lots of advice for Families – founder James Dobson

Financial Education

(Note all these sites have treasure chests of Free advice, but also offers to buy and join, be wise)

I was Broke, Now I’m Not – Practical Bible Based Financial Advice, Budgeting by Joe Sangl

Dave Ramsey – Debt Free-Budgeting Guru – Tools for Financial Freedom

Motley Fool – Investment Basics, Stock Smart Toolkits great Advice

Money Savvy Generation – Teaches kids all about money

Family Education.Com – Kids money tips and way more on raising healthy family’s

What Not to do – Actual US Government National Debt to the penny today, and historical – Daily Stock Market movement headlines – Advanced Trader up to the minute news – Stock Options training site – For the advanced saver/investor

Investopedia – Just about everything you want to know dictionary on investing

Brokerage Comparisons Website – Compares trade fees, interest rates, best sign up bonuses, etc..

Credit Card Comparison Site – Compares credit card options, rates, cashback, etc..


 Travel Wisdom

The Points Guy – Tips on frequent travel programs





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