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Healthy Mind, Body, and Brain – Peace Finding

(Note all these sites have treasure chests of Free advice but also offers books and supplement to buy and join, be wise)

Dr. Caroline Leaf – Author of Switch on your Brain – Great Info on thought management and gaining control of your mind and thoughts. (Note Caroline Leaf posts great short advice tips on both Facebook and Instagram)

Calm Clinic – Medically solid information on Worry and Anxiety Disorders

How to Prevent and/or deal with a Panic Attack

Dr. Daniel Amen  (Note Dr. Amen posts great advice tips on both Facebook and Instagram)

PTSD Support Group and Help Center

Anxiety Help resources from Anxiety.Org

Facts and Statistics on Anxiety and Depression

Quint Careers – Job/Business Management – Coping with Stress – Great tools for Resume Building

Do you have Anxiety when visiting a Dentist?  This site provides some great info on the topic and tips to help you with dental visits.

Visual and verbal 4 breaths in 6 out Diaphragm Breathing practice (noting this is for the slow learner, lol, once you have it down discard)

45 Minute relaxation and sleep video (Bible-based female voice, do 4 in 6 out technique with this and other videos or music sets such as the ones found under JoesYoutube which has a number of music playlists. Note, subscribing to YouTube Music eliminates the ads.

Vitamin Content Comparison WebPage  This web-page provides a comparison of items such as the health value of spinach vs kale including all the vitamins and nutrients that each contains.  It also has many other comparisons, this link goes to the veggies.

Financial Education and Money Help Links  for Worry-Free Living

(Note all these sites have treasure chests of Free advice but also offers to buy and join, be wise)

I was Broke, Now I’m Not – Practical Bible Based Financial Advice, Budgeting by Joe Sangl

Dave Ramsey – Debt Free-Budgeting Guru – Tools for Financial Freedom  This is a legitimate web-site for creating FREE: A Basic Need Will, A Living Will (important if you are incapacitated typically for medical reasons), A Power of Attorney Doc,  and even a mini-estate plan. Unlike other ‘edoc’ like places, they do NOT require a credit card or ‘trial period’.  You do have to register to use this free service – it is worth it if you have nothing else and cannot afford a lawyer.  These are MUST haves for people with children. 

Motley Fool – Investment Basics, Stock Smart Toolkits great Advice

Money Savvy Generation – Teaches kids all about money

Family Education.Com – Kids money tips and way more on raising healthy family’s

What Not to do – Actual US Government National Debt to the penny today, and historical – Daily Stock Market movement headlines – Advanced Trader up to the minute news

Stock Options training site – For both the beginner and advanced trader/investor – Does require registering, but this is a non-profit site

Brokerage Comparisons Website – Compares trade fees, interest rates, best sign up bonuses, etc..

Credit Card Education – Everything you ever wanted to know about how credit cards work

Official Link to obtain a Free Credit Report – Go Here EVERY 4 Months and upload from 1/3 Credit Bureaus

How to dispute/fix a bad credit item on your credit report  (This is from a gov’t site, FCC, can’t get better free info than this)

My #1 Place for Savings, Checking, CD’s, IRA’s Credit Card Comparison Site – Compares credit card options, rates on savings, etc..

These two sites are also good and include Brokerages.  As of 2023 they have gotten very ad unfriendly, but it is good to check them all out when making decisions as some leave out banks that aren’t giving them a kickback.  Be thorough on your research, especially nowadays.

Place for Savings, Checking, CD’s, Credit Card Comparison Site – Nerd Compares credit card options, rates, cashback, etc..

Place for Savings, Checking, CD’s, Credit Card Comparison Site – Compares credit card options, rates on savings, etc..

CD Calculator – Sometimes it is beneficial to break a CD and pay the penalty and move the money to a higher interest rate.  This calculator tool crunches the numbers for you. It’s free, no ads, no gimmicks, no sign ups Break-a-CD-Calculator

How to OPT-OUT of Getting Pre-Approved Credit Card Applications and Insurance offers in your mailbox for Five Years.  This is extremely important in the age of Identity Theft – Call 1-888-567-8688.  (I am not aware of an On-line location to do this) Confidential Info will be required, ie..Social Security #, addresses, d.o.b.’s etc.  You can do every family member on one phone call!

Social Security Administration    This is where you can obtain up-to-date information on your Social Security records.  They make mistakes, this is the one place to find out about any errors in your records that could cost you much money.  Check it Annually!!!

Side Business Ideas


Tax Bracket Tables:  Provides information on the latest Federal tax tables.

Kiddie Tax Information – The Accounting rules on the ‘Kiddie Tax’ have changed much over the past 20 years, this document provides up-to-date information on ways other then 529 plans.


Family Tips for a Worry-Free Household

Focus on The Family – Lots of advice for Families – founder James Dobson


Travel Wisdom – Tips For those who have travel anxiety

The Points Guy – Tips on frequent travel programs

Tips to beat travel worries

Course of Overcoming Travel Anxiety

How to Avoid Losing Your Frequent Club Points

Please note: The listings above do not necessarily constitute an endorsement by Average Joe’s Portico nor are we compensated in any way by any of the above organizations. If you are aware of other helpful websites, please email the URL for us to review and consider as an addition to those listed as additional resources of information to help worriers become warriors.

Average Joe

Average Joe

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