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Peace Secrets

Having inner peace for some seems impossible. Joesportico provides Revelations from the deepest places to lead one how-to find that peace that comes from a seemingly far away place. 

Strength In Numbers - Overcoming Fear

Avg Joe shares a number of true stories of how; fear, worry, and anxiety were conquered and defeated coupled with unique ‘coincident’ number tie-ins, further proving God is there to help us in every way.  Every victory creates new strength and motivation helping YOU grow into warrior champion fear fighters.


All the mind related tricks in the world alone won’t beat the physical anxiety that stress brings.  Avg Joe brings tried and true options for healthing away ailments that are either brought on by stress or to help you prevent additional ones to worry about.

Financial Security

Fear creates poverty, learn safe and smart ways to not allow money to stress you out.  An average dude found how to overcome being  broke and retired at 57 to do of all things – give to others.  Find out how.

Work Stress

High-pressure business and volunteer work with people is draining.  Joe admits to easily falling into being a renowned workaholic and shares true, and at times hilarious, stories on balancing work time and handling people problems.

Family Worries

Constant worry and concern for loved ones and family members can be overwhelming.  Learn thru Joe ’s real-life family traumas how to help those you care for to whip their worries.


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