Defeating Fear and Anxiety

Tired of losing the inner battle that worry, fear, and anxiety wages inside your heart and mind? I am too!  This Average Joe admits fear at times can be a DAILY battle.  Yes, some of us it seems are born with anxiety DNA and allow people to beat us down.  Are you ready to fight it, defeat it, and be able to help others to overcome all the things in life that hold us back?  Average Joe’s Portico is a place where we who feel like Worriers learn to become Warriors that help not just ourselves but others who are also oppressed!  Life can be a Pressure cooker;  if you are ready to learn how to uncork the steam turning it into positive warrior-like power, with Solomon’s Portico type bravery, You found the place!   Join up with other Average Joe’s/Jo’s to live life the fullest as you are destined to become!

Lucky or A Miracle?

Lucky or a Miracle?Two weeks ago, on Labor Day; I knocked off four...

Beware of a Hardened Heart

  2020 will go down in history as a year of chaos, disorder, and...

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(Not) another, my kid is great story.

N(not) another, my kid is great story. Time flies by so...

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Is religion evil?  Avg Joe's Story Ever start reading a...

Lucky or A Miracle?

Lucky or a Miracle?Two weeks ago, on Labor Day; I knocked off four non-bucket-list items, an ambulance ride, a life-flight ride, surgery, and a...

Beware of a Hardened Heart

  2020 will go down in history as a year of chaos, disorder, and disappointment.  Covid-19, elections, sports seasons a strew, some businesses...

22,273 Choices

22,273 is a seemingly random number mentioned exactly once in the Bible. It is in the least-read book of the Bible titled,  ho-hum - Numbers.  But...

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Did you HEAR the meaning of Covid-19?

Did you HEAR the meaning of Covid-19?   COVID-19 is an acronym. In its full form, COVID-19 stands for CO ronaVI rus Disease of 2019. The coronavirus...

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Topics Covered In The Blog

Peace Secrets

Deep Dive Revelations that make you say WOW!

Family Worries

helpYou whip worry and teach loved ones how too whip worry

Work Stress

Balancing work/people stress

Financial Security

Being broke stinks, learnto Be Free!

Health Related Topics To Whip Anxiety

Health-related remedies to beat physical anxiety

Strength In Numbers - Overcoming Fear

howto Conquer Fears

Occasional Hidden Numbers Stories to show Help comes in many ways.

A Little About Average Joe

In my 60+ years of life, I have experienced extreme stress from being in a family of 10, working in the high stress traveling sales world, while leading volunteer church and community groups for years.  Joe’s Portico reveals stories and tips to help you become what those with position, and self-declared authoritarians seek to stop.  No one dares to tell of their inner mind struggles lest it makes them appear weak. But, it is the very core of the anxiety laced overcomer, that you are,  that allows YOU to become a bold warrior ready to fight oppression.  Overcomers bring the power of healing to a hurting world, we average Joe/Jo’s can be way above average, let’s do it together. MORE ABOUT JOE…

A portico is a porch leading to the entrance of a building, or extended as a colonnade, supported by columns or enclosed by walls.  Average Joe was sitting in a rocking chair sipping coffee (hmm or maybe it was wine)  on his home portico one day and realized the world’s problems are solved in contemplative thought.  Boldness is derived from a place of rest and revelation sprouted in thoughts deep within. Joe’s Portico is named after the Biblical location in Israel called Solomon’s Portico, an actual place where the boldest Warriors provided daring world changing messages. The messages came from ordinary people that did extraordinary feats combining sound wisdom with supernatural strength.  AVERAGE Joe’s Portico shares sound practical wisdom and provides an opportunity (only if you by choice dare to delve deeper) to explore solutions to wipe out your worrying spirit.  We seek to motivate you to transform yourself into a confident Warrior ready to tackle yours and perhaps the whole worlds daily challenges.


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