D&B Workshop Jan 10_2016One of the benefits of having your own blog page, is you can do with it is as you please.    But, when you are on your own, it is sure hard to find time to reach those lofty goals you have in mind.  Stepping out is not easy.  It is better than sitting and doing nothing, watching those you care for struggle, and then complain nobody is doing anything to help.
It’s been a week since my last post, so today I thought I would give a quick explanation of where the time has gone.
I know most of the starting followers of my page are not local, but I thought I’d post the ad for my first ever live seminar coming up at my local church.   Talk is cheap, so this is a scary action step for me to put it out there, but I know there are many in need and my hope is it helps those who attend now and in the future.  If you have read any of my previous blog posts, you know the topics surround fighting fear – this is scary, and dueling doubt – why am I doing this, people will think it is dumb.  Those type of thoughts have been in this head for many years.    I finally decided, who cares what other people think, my goal is to help people who need it.  It is in an area many don’t want to hear about, so that makes it even more of a, why are you doing this fight in the brain.   I have to keep telling myself, just shut those thoughts out, and do it.

I got one of those, you need to do something with what you’ve learned taps on the shoulder, about 5 years ago. In the midst of my 60 hour a week job, family life, busy church commitment, hoa and neighbor things, lots of friends to spend time with and other stuff, I began putting down on paper some of the lessons, many of them hard ones, I have experienced. This  seminar, blog site, and some day book release, is the culmination of that and thankfully I found a place willing to let me give the first one a wing at it.
My goal is this can always be provided free to those who cannot afford to get help in managing not only finances, but how to deal with the everyday ups and downs in the work world.
Just an Average Joe



I actually had this started and ready to go over two years ago.   But I also have this thing called a job.  My thoughts were to wait until retirement, hopefully way before 65 came along,  and spend time doing it full-time.     But lo and behold, somewhat to my dismay, God kept putting things out there that said, nope, you need to stay where you are.  I even went to the point of trying to get laid off last year when the company I work for had a small lay off.   God even shut the door on that option.

Oddly (or ‘Godly’ blessing wise) , when I look at my upcoming W-2 for the last year, when everything seemed to be falling apart with my #1 customer, it has turned out to be a pretty good year.  All while spending more than expected time on the job, working through family struggles (parent with Dementia, senior in high school…) a church change, and writing several hours a day.   God is good, all the time, and provides for all our needs.

I don’t claim to know everything, in fact my favorite quote is from the U2 song City of Blinding Lights (click to hear), ‘I knew so much more then, than I do now’  , but my hope is just a little can help those struggling with getting money in order and in the right perspective.    and fighting with the doubts of career vs. church ministry that some like me battle.

Thanks for prayers and moral support in this endeavor.

Just an Average Joe, with a Big God